Episode 11

How To Do Good


March 8th, 2024

8 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

We have so little time and there are so many good deeds to do. When prioritizing how to do good, let’s strive to: 1) honor inherent worth of every person; 2) build social justice; 3) nurture ethical personal and organizational relationships grounded of mutuality and respect; and let’s do so by, 4) nurturing pragmatic cooperation where we agree; 5) using evidence and reason; and, 6) sustain commitment through a fulfilling and joyous life.


In choosing concrete ethical action projects, it is important to keep in mind which ones best represent the values and mission of Ethical Culture. Ethical Culture is not simply a social justice or community service organization. It is a humanistic ethical movement dedicated to inspiring people to do good.

The following are some suggested criteria when choosing an ethical action, community service, and/or social justice project. Ideally, the project should reflect:

1) the importance of inherent worth;

2) the development of potential of individuals (i.e. consider where potential is least realize and how to maximize our leverage);

3) the importance of relationships, mutuality, and community;

4) the long-term goal of social transformation;

5) a pragmatic conviction to work together where we can agree on ethical action; and,

6) the importance of reason (at least not violating reason, i.e. balancing emotional appeal by logic/science/empiricism/reality checks.)